The next meeting is on April 9, 2014.

9am at Saints Ave Cafe, Boone IA.

Meeting! - 4/7/2014

We have several topics that need to be discussed at the meeting on Wed.  If your in town please join us!!

SWITCHES!!! - 1/29/2014

We have had 2 run-thru switch incidents this month.  These are LEVEL 4 violations in the discipline policy.  The carrier will not budge if this happens to you!  Make sure you have a complete job breifing with your engineer before you move (route is lined, derail is down, etc)  your train.  It is better to check the switch twice than just assume it is lined for you!!

Shoving Audits - 1/29/2014

The carrier is starting up there shoving audits again.  If you are audited, it will be non-punitive.  These 5 questions must be answered in the job breifing before you begin a shove: who is protecting, where protection will be provided, distance, direction, and route.  Make sure you answer these before you move! 

Adds!! - 1/28/2014

I have been informed they have added 5 turns on 1-28-14 to the XK30 in Boone.  I am still pushing to get more added to the Pools.  This is ongoing.  I have added a safety hotline comment today and appreciate if you would add some too.

MCBKC - 1/17/2014

If you are called for MCBKC at Boone, they are instructing you to deadhead to Mason City after you yard your train at Des Moines.  We are working with the General Chairman to address this issue.  In the mean time crews should be putting in a claim for 2 trip rates.  The language you should use is posted on the board at Boone.


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The next meeting date is

Wednesday, April 9, at Saints Ave Cafe at 9:00 AM.


If you are in town, Please join us!!












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