The next meeting is on August 9th, 2017.

9 a.m. at Saints Ave Cafe, Boone IA.

Temping a vacation from the bump board - 7/23/2017

If you are on the bump board and you temp a vacation this can only be done once. If you are bumped off of the vacation turn, or if it ends you cannot temp another vacation turn. If you see this happening please let Darin know. Thank you

MAPS - 7/23/2017

If you are accused of a violation and are told that if you sign it will be a MAPS conference but if you refuse to sign it will be a MAPS 1 this is a contractual violation, and is NOT true. Please contact your Union representative.

Reverse move is an OS - 7/23/2017

Always be sure to get permission to make a reverse move within a plant, it is better to get it and not need it then to not get it and need it. 

Turn around service - 6/19/2017

If you take a train to an away from home terminal you are to tie up, If you deadhead to an away from home terminal and are instructed to take a train home if you tie up and there is a rested crew that crew is entitled to a run around claim.

Please check the twin cities superintendent bullitins as is states in there you are to tie up when performing turn around service. 

New claim Packet - 6/1/2017

There is a new Claims Packet available in the down load section. 


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The next meeting date is

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017 at Saints Ave Cafe at 9:00 AM.


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