The next meeting is on April 8, 2015.

9am at Saints Ave Cafe, Boone IA.

ALERT!!! - 4/8/2015

The SABER team will be out testing very dilligently on April 8-9.  When going to work make sure you are focused on rules compliance!!

Email - 3/19/2015

If you would like email updates, Jo Jones is taking email addresses.  You can email her at

ALERT!!! - 3/19/2015

Due to the intense FTX testing going on, everyone is reminded to follow the rules 100% when they report for duty.  I have 4 investigations next week for simple things. Expect to be FTX'd everytime you come to work!.  Protect yourself!  We are under constant scrutiny from the carrier on how we preform our duties.  Shoving moves, on and off equipment, red zone, slips trips and falls are the rules they are testing heavy on.  Protect yourself when you are out performing your duties!   

Meeting - 3/2/2015

I will be in Omaha on March 2, 3, and 4 for a Meeting with the Superintendent.  If you have any questions or concerns, please drop me a note or phone call. 


Long-term Disability - 3/2/2015

SMART-TD has reached an agreement with Anthem to provide long-term disability benefits when the current benefits expire for someone on short-term disability.  More Info will be forthcoming.


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The next meeting date is

Wednesday, April 8, at Saints Ave Cafe at 9:00 AM.


If you are in town, Please join us!!












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