The next meeting is on December 13th, 2017.

      9 a.m. at Saints Ave Cafe, Boone IA.

Other than main track pilot - 11/9/2017

If you are called to work something that is on other than Main track, ex. an industry a pilot is not required. You do however need to be given a job aid. Please be advised that there should be job aids available for each industry. These should be available to you under standard work on your screen, if they are not you need to request one from a manager. If you do not recieve one after requesting one please turn this in to me so that I can follow up. This is only required for the conductor. Thank you, Jo

Long trains - 11/9/2017

I have recently recieved several train lists for long trains. Please note that I only need this information if there was some kind of issue with the train such as, radio communication, eot issues, etc. due to train length. If this is the case please turn them into me along with a description of the issue. Thank you, Jo

Temporary vacancies - 9/23/2017

If you are on the bump board you can bump, or place yourself on a temporary vacancy one time, if you do this you give up your full bump and can only go to an extra board. If you go to a temporary vacancy and it leaves town while you are on it, you cannot go to another vacancy, however if it never goes out of town while you are on it, and you are displaced from it, you can then go to another temporary vacancy. 

informational booklet - 9/9/2017

This is an informational booklet regarding some issues that we all need to be sure are followed, if you are unsure or have questions about any of the regulations please call your legislative representative. 

Check download section - 9/8/2017

Please be sure to periodically check the download section of this website, there has been alot of information added over the last couple months. You will need to scroll through this entire section and look for new information as it is by category rather than date. 


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Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 at Saints Ave Cafe at 9:00 AM.


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